VS anchors

The VS/SS series anchors are based on the traditional nomenclature based on the inch measuring system. VS means that the anchor has been made from the 304 alloy, SS anchors are made of the 310 alloy. The VS/SS series anchors can be deployed in different configurations and for different types of walls, both for single layer linings and for multilayer wall structures.

The VS/SS series anchors can be secured to the structure of the component in many different ways. They can be welded, or bolted using threaded bolts welded to the outer panel or inserted in a welded lug.

Longer pins (for the welded version), or longer threaded bolts (for the bolted version) have a length corresponding to the thickness of the insulation and are used for multilayer linings with block insulation. Insulation blocks are simply stuck onto the pins or threaded bolts.

Depending on the length of the anchor arms, the VS/SS anchors are supplied in diameters of 6, 8, 10, or 12 mm.

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