The TWIN-PIN - type B anchor system for dual linings

The TWIN PIN – type B anchors  are used in floating anchoring systems, in which the anchors are independent of the steel structure. The anchors are installed on the R-PIN system (are bolted onto pins) using washers and nuts, which enables partial movement. Once the insulation has been put into position, the supplied disc is pushed over the anchor arms and the ends of the anchor are bent apart using two pipes. The disc serves as a stopper and also presses the block insulation against the substructure.

This type of anchors is suitable for single layer and multiple layer linings, depending on the length and type of thread.

Tvikon manufactures three types of TWIN PIN type B anchors:

  • STB – Anchors without corrugation for simple anchoring, i.e. thin lining, or bottom horizontal positions.  
  • CTB  -  Corrugated anchors for average to difficult anchoring applications; the depth of the corrugation corresponds to 0.7 of the diameter of the wire, which ensures good transmission of the retention forces to the refractory concrete.
  • HTB  – Anchors with pronounced corrugation, enabling better transmission of retention forces into the refractory concrete. This type of anchor does not have to be opened when used in bottom horizontal parts of lining.

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