The TW series of anchors

The TW series anchors have been developed as a multipurpose anchoring system in order to solve the most diverse anchoring tasks. The TW series anchors may be installed  by welding to the structure, or using a threaded pin, welded to the outer layer of the structure. They are suitable for multiple-layer linings including insulation blocks fixed onto anchor holding bolts. Longer bolts are used for this purpose, either threaded or plain bolts (for welding). In both cases the extended bolts have a defined feature on the top point of the block insulation layer so that the mounting system does not get pressed into the block insulation and damage it.

The TW anchors are available in several versions:

  • The TWA type does not have any corrugation and is intended for simple anchoring applications.
  • The TWU and TWS anchors have pronounced corrugation, which transfers the retention forces to the refractory concrete better than the TWA anchors.
  • The TWM type anchors have standard corrugation that extends across the entire arm area. As a result, TWM anchors guarantee excellent retention force transmission to the refractory concrete, especially with longer anchors/thicker linings.

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