The R-PIN System

Relative movements occur between the steel housing of a plant component and the refractory lining, particularly during heating and cooling. The reason is the different warming and cooling times of various layers. As a result unexpected stress can be created, leading to premature crack formation in the refractory concrete and reducing the service life of the plant.

We recommend a special anchoring system for these applications, enabling transfer of such relative movements – the R-PIN series anchors.

The R-PIN series anchors with different threaded or smooth pins are suitable for single or multilayer structures. In multilayer structures, the threaded pin is mounted first, either by stud welding, or manual welding. Since no anchors that are spread open are in the way, it is easy to install the block insulation. The anchor with its mounting system is then bolted onto the stud bolts.

This system is particularly suited for high gas velocity ducts and openings. Different pins can be used for mounting of steel plates to protect the insulation.

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