Production of refractory concrete blocks

Tvikon manufactures refractory concrete blocks intended for quick application within thermal elements. These are produced to customer specifications. Orders shall include drawings from which molds can be produced.

The type of refractory material is also specified depending on purpose. We use several types of refractory materials, from insulation, through low-cement content to solid liquefied.

The blocks are manufactured in molds using vibration casting. The molds are removed when curing is complete. The blocks are then dried at 600°C, which is an important step for the final technological properties.

Why use Tvikon refractory blocks?

  • Our refractory blocks retail their dimensions across the entire range of temperatures.
  • The vibration molding technology enables us to produce any shape required.
  • The molds are cheaper and small volume series may be produced.
  • Construction or repair of linings are quicker.
  • When applied correctly, refractory block linings have longer service life than refractory concrete linings.