Floating anchoring system

Under thermal cycling conditions, movement between the steel structure of the plant component and the refractory lining occur as a result of differences in temperature changes within different layers. This may cause unwanted stress, leading to development of cracks within the lining and shortening of its service life.

Tvikon offers a floating anchoring system, which compensates for such movements. The system consists of a fixing lug and an anchor (TW, VS, TWIN PIN - type H). The lug is typically made of carbon steel and provides uniform connection point to the steel structure. The lugs may also be made of different material.

Floating anchoring systems are suitable for linings in which frequent replacement of refractory concrete is expected. New lining is installed by removing the remains of old refractory concrete together with anchors, inserting new anchors into the lugs and covering them with new refractory concrete.

Floating anchoring systems are suitable for single-layer linings, but may also be used for multilayer linings with separate insulation. TW and TWIN PIN – type H anchors are especially suitable for such applications.

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