Corrugated "V" anchors

The CV Series anchors are the standard anchoring for single layer refractory concrete linings. They can also be used for two-layer wall construction with gunned insulation. The CV series anchors have been designed to allow stud welding and are supplied with a ceramic ferrule as standard. This permits safe and rational mounting.

The CV Series anchors are available in three basic versions:

  • CH1 – Non-corrugated anchors for simple applications, such as thin linings.
  • CV2  -  Corrugated anchors for average to difficult anchoring applications; the depth of the corrugation corresponds to the diameter of the wire to achieve a good transmission of the retention forces to the refractory concrete.
  • CV3  -  This version of the anchor has a double corrugation. This gives the anchor strength in all directions and improves transmission of retention forces to the refractory material. The CV3 anchors are especially suitable for anchoring single layered lightweight refractory concretes.

4 mm diameter CV1 anchors were designed for thin linings and are also frequently used as installation aid for gunned insulation.

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