Corrugated bullhorn anchors for Concrete linings

Special care should be taken when selecting anchoring for thicker-walled plant components that are frequently lined with refractory concrete. For such applications, Tvikon offers the Corrugated Bullhorn – CB series anchors.

The characteristic of this type of anchor is that it is strongly corrugated to transfer the large retention forces to the refractory concrete. The CB anchors use two different arm angles – 15° in the first part and 60° in the second part. This ensures optimum distance between arm ends even in extra thick linings. This shape also enables the retention forces in the refractory concrete to be kept close to the anchoring point.

The CB series anchors with 6 mm and 8 mm diameters are also available for stud welding mounting. These are called CBS, have the appropriate base and are supplied with a ceramic ferrule as standard.

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