BASIC (BS anchors)

Large area refractory linings made of light bricks must be anchored so that the bricks are kept in place. The BS series includes anchoring systems to satisfy these anchoring requirements. The BS series anchors are inserted into openings in refractory bricks and fixed to a mechanism on the steel casing of the plant component.
Three basic versions of these anchors are available:

  • BSA – This anchor has two pointed 90° ends angled in the same direction. The short end is knocked into the lightweight refractory brick and the other, longer end is mounted in a lug. It is only possible to knock the anchor in when using lightweight refractory bricks with suitable structure and strength.
  • BSB  -  The BSB anchor has the same design as the BSA anchor but has no pointed ends. A hole is drilled in the brick to accommodate the hook.
  • BSC  -  The BSC anchor has a different kind of rear restraint system. The pointed ends of the anchor sit on a V-shaped body. The two pointed ends are knocked into the lightweight refractory brick and its angled central element is guided behind a rod-shaped bracket.

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