Tvikon refractory anchors

Tvikon supplies products and services for industrial thermal structures. Our main office is in Prague and our production facility is in Kostelec u Heřmanova Městce. We specialise in production of stainless steel anchoring systems for refractory linings in power plants, incineration plants, cement plants, etc. We also manufacture refractory blocks (especially for cement plants), sell temperature-resistant stainless steel, press and form sheet metal and wire, sell welding machines and electrodes and contract a team of professional technicians.

Our know-how is your benefit

Tvikon was founded in April 2011, but is built on long-term experience with design and management of refractory lining projects for industrial equipment (especially in power plants and cement plants) both in the Czech Republic and abroad. We have extensive knowledge of the industry in several markets. Within a few years of its founding, Tvikon supplied refractory lining products and expertise for most existing power and cement plants within the Czech Republic and Slovakia and participated in new projects being built. Today, Tvikon is one of the largest manufacturers of refractory anchors in the Czech Republic and a preferred supplier for the most renowned engineering contractors working on construction or refurbishment of industrial thermal plants.

Speed as a competitive advantage

Clients select Tvikon for its ability to supply within tight deadlines, in the specified quality and for a competitive price. We keep large stocks of finished products and raw material and are therefore able to supply both standard and customised products quickly, which is an advantage when unexpected failures of thermal plant linings occur.