Supply of steel fibre reinforcement for refractory concrete

Refractory concrete is subjected to frequent temperature changes and tensile stress. To ensure long service life under high temperatures and thermal cycling, we recommend the addition of steel fibre reinforcement. The fibres are distributed throughout the concrete to limit the loads resulting from tensile stress.

Refractory concrete with such reinforcement offers longer service than conventional refractory concrete without steel fibres. That means less maintenance, less downtime, lower operational costs and better efficiency.

Steel fibre reinforcement improves the physical properties of concrete. Such concrete has:

  • high resistance to thermal shock,
  • high resistance to mechanical impact and vibration,
  • high resistance to crack development,
  • high abrasion resistance.

Tvikon supplies steel fibres 25 and 35 mm long. These are made of AISI 304, 310, 330, or 446 steel, depending on the operational temperatures within the application.